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Culinary Online is an exciting new online publication dedicated to opening up the Internet to culinary professionals and food lovers.

Working with top Internet sites, culinary professionals, authors, restaurateurs, and famous chefs, each issue of Culinary Online covers the online food and cooking resources you want to know about.


Tips and Resources Inside Culinary Online
  • where to find recipes and other culinary resources -- quickly
  • reviews of new culinary websites
  • opinions and ideas from top culinary professionals
  • the best food and wine resources across the Internet
  • how to promote your website or business online at low cost
  • great online resources that will continue your culinary education
  • alerts to special offers for Internet users only
  • festivals, events, bargains, and more!
  • interviews with top culinary professionals who are using the Net
  • favorite sites of food professionals
  • where to find food-related jobs and other employment resources
  • announcements of online culinary events you won’t want to miss
  • ... and much more!

Written by the Top Chefs and Web Experts

Our top-flight editorial board is composed of well-known chefs and others who use the Internet for culinary information and great ideas -- just like you. With over a dozen culinary experts searching the web constantly, Culinary Online is able to bring all best the resources of the "culinary Internet" together

in a convenient monthly newsletter.

It's Fun to Read

Culinary Online is written with a friendly, entertaining style that makes every issue fun to read, as well as informative. You'll look forward to getting Culinary Online in your e-mailbox. It's inspiring, exciting, and educational, all at once.

And, Culinary Online can save you a lot of time "surfing" — so you can spend time on cooking and enjoying food! Instead of looking for information, you'll know exactly where to find what you want. Our subscribers love it -- so will you!

Culinary Online is published 10 times per year. Each issue is 12-16 pages packed with terrific information, advice, resources, and commentary -- designed specifically for people who are passionate about food and cooking.

Delivered to Your Email Box Every Month

Culinary Online is delivered to you via email, using the exciting Adobe Acrobat technology. Unlike other email newsletters which are just boring plain text, Culinary Online arrives in color, with graphics, photos, and full layout -- just like a printed newsletter. You can print it out, or read it on-screen.

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Unlike web-based "e-zines", once you get Culinary Online in your email, you can read it anytime -- even if you're not online at the moment. But if you are online while you're reading, you can click on any website mentioned in the newsletter and be instantly connected to that site!

To read or print Culinary Online, all you need is a copy of the FREE Adobe Acrobat Reader. (We'll show you where to download it.)

Technical details: Requires free Adobe Acrobat Reader software installed on your computer, version 3.0 or later. For weblinks to work, you must have a web browser, an Internet connection, and configure the Reader software properly. Don't worry, it's easy. Technical support for Acrobat is provided by Adobe Systems, Inc. Typical monthly newsletter is 250-600k in size (about 45 seconds download time at 28.8 kbps).

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  • Tips From Great Restaurateurs for Creating Websites:
    LeMont, Michael's on East, Too Hot Tamales
  • Kate Heyhoe's Global Gourmet
  • Professional Software on the Net by Francis Lynch
  • "How I Became a Culinary Webmaster" by Adam Powell of HotWired
  • Interviews with Norman Van Aken of Norman's (Coral Gables, FL)
    Gerry Fernandez (President of The MultiCultural Foodservice & Hospitality Alliance)
  • Minorities, Foodservice, and the Net
  • Bookmark Raid: Norman Van Aken's Favorites
  • Digital Chef Update
  • Victory Over Venison (and venison resources online)
  • Ingredient Intensive: Kathy Rickard Talks Squash
  • "From the Editor" by Editor/Chef Gary Holleman
  • Website Review: Strat's Place for Wine
  • Book Review: The Online Epicure
  • Short reviews of: Oregon Chai, Driscoll's Berries, and more

If you use the Internet for finding information about food and cooking, you’ll find Culinary Online to be indispensible. There’s nothing like it.


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