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New comments (updated 4/1/98)

Here's what people are saying about the first issue of Culinary Online:

"Congratulations on your first issue. Looks great and reads smoothly." -- Michael Hofferber, Farmer's Market Online (

"Congratulations on a great start." -- Neil Salkind, Online Epicure and contributing columnist (

"I like Culinary Online's content immensely. It looks like it has the potential to be a winning culinary newsletter especially if you can keep up the informative and entertaining content." -- Lynn Kerrigan, The Culinary Sleuth (

"Just want to say I'm very excited and can't wait to get my first issue!" -- Diana Rattray, Southern Food Guide (

"Congratulations on the successful launch of Culinary Online! I would have sent a message over sooner, but I've been passing my copy around so much that I didn't get to read through it for myself until last night!" -- Jeremy Jeffers, CuisineNet (

" Yeah there were a few bumps, but you did it. Congratulations. I'll look forward to receiving it whenever it comes. Way cool." -- Julie Ridl, The Good Baker (

" Just a note of congratulations. I downloaded the correct Acrobat viewer and all is fine. I like the newsletter and am very pleased to be a subscriber. Glad that you all persevered and made this all come together and work. Best regards from a happy subscriber." -- Randall Marcinko, Culinarius

"Thank you for the free sample of Culinary Online. I loved it!! I am sending a check for $29 for a one-year subscription. Look forward to the next issue." -- Rhonda Jensen, subscriber

"It's almost a must for a person like me who is always on the hunt for new and exciting recipes and food ideas to be plugged in. There are so many cool web sites to check out." -- Rick Halberg, The Eccentric

"Whenever I read my paper copy, I sit down at the computer so I can quickly go to the sites mentioned. Your online version will make that even easier. You put out a great publication." -- Beth Schmidt, subscriber

"Anyone in foodservice who 'surfs' the Internet will enjoy this publication." -- Mike J. Pappas, Computers, Foodservice, and You

"Loved the free issue. I can't wait for the next issue." -- Brenda Floyd, subscriber

"Rich, all I can say is WOW!! I just finished reading through CO and I was shocked @ how much info was in the product." -- Gerry Fernandez, Multi-Cultural Foodservice & Hospitality Alliance

Reviews and Mentions of Culinary Online

The New York Times, "Bits and Bytes" column by Eric Asimov, September 24, 1997

Naples Daily News, September 25, 1997

CuisineNet, "Top Spots on the Web", September 25, 1997 (

Journal Star, (Lincoln NE), October 8, 1997

The Eccentric, "Taste" section by Rick Halberg, October 19, 1997

Oregonian, (Portland-Vancouver), October 21, 1997

Computers, Foodservice, and You, November, 1997

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