Special Offer for Webmasters of Culinary-Oriented Sites


If you manage or direct a culinary-related website, Culinary Online would like to hear from you.

  1. To support our constant quest for new and valuable sites to share with our readers, we invite you to send announcements, press releases, and other information about your site to us. Write to: editor@culinary-online.com, or Culinary Online, 1900 Folsom Street, Suite 210, Boulder, CO 80302 USA Please send an inquiry letter before submitting full articles, however.
  2. You can get paid for promoting Culinary Online! Since Culinary Online is marketed entirely via the Internet, we rely on affiliations with top culinary websites to get the word out. By adding information about this exciting newsletter to your site, you can add revenue to your website.

    For more information, send email to operations@culinary-online.com,
    or call Bev Daniels at (303) 447-3334.

    FAQs: 1) No, having a promotional affiliation with Culinary Online does not affect our editorial content -- in other words, having a promotional relationship doesn't guarantee you'll be written up in the newsletter. 2) We aren't buying banner ads at this time.



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