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Published monthly, Culinary Online Update includes only about 10% of the tips, news, ideas, interviews, and great culinary resources that we put into the regular edition of Culinary Online. So it's definitely NOT a substitute for a subscription.

But, for some people, the Culinary Online Update is a good choice. Here's how they compare:

  Culinary Online Culinary Online Update
Cost $29 per year, free sample free
Length 12-16 pages (6,000-10,000 words) 500 words average
Format full color, pictures, layout, hyperlinks text only
Requirements email address & free Adobe Acrobat Reader email address
Topics "best sites", interviews, news, tips, bargains, classifieds random selections from regular edition
Bonuses bookmark file of 350 top sites, free classifieds none
Exceptions Not available to WebTV or Juno users Available to all

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